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We have collected a selection of frequently asked questions to help you understand our process and services better. If your questions are not answered here, please contact us and we’ll endeavour to help.

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Won’t having my wedding filmed be intrusive?

With fully trained, courteous operators, dressed for the occasion we blend into the background on your wedding day. Our subtlety is something of which we are very proud and is frequently attested by our clients. Our equipment list also includes 'long lenses' which allow us to get close to the action without ever having a camera in the way.

Can I choose my own music?

YES! Just send us a CD of your favourite songs or email them to us.

Can you provide our wedding video on a DVD?

Advances in technology mean that creating DVDs is becoming increasingly difficult (digital files are now the ‘norm’). Due to the ever-changing world of technology, please contact us for an up-to-date answer on DVD creation. We will always try our best to meet your DVD delivery requirements, but do bear in mind that digital files are much more future-proof than DVDs, AND, they allow you to view your wedding in high definition (DVDs only display video in standard definition).

Do I have to provide the camera operator(s) with food at my wedding?

We don’t put providing our camera operator(s) with a meal in the Terms & conditions as we understand this is not always possible. However, if it is possible to provide a meal (it doesn't have to be the same meal as yourselves), it would be much appreciated and means that we can always be close by in case there is something to film.

How many weddings have you filmed?

We honestly don’t know for certain but over the last 8 years it’s probably gone into the 3 figures! If you would like to look back at some of the older (or newest) videos please visit our Vimeo Page:

Some of your online wedding video’s have animated logos – is this included in all the package?

In short – Yes. Harris Weddings believes that each wedding is individual, and we try to reflect this in each wedding video. If you have had a wedding logo or wedding stationary professionally designed, we will require the layered artwork and fonts in order to animate your logo. If you have designed your wedding logo or wedding stationary yourself, we will require some examples of your designs, photographs and fonts. Each animation will vary depending on the design of the logo and the style of your wedding.

Why would I want multiple cameras and operators at my wedding?

Multiple cameras not only provide a more detailed account of your special day but also allow Harris Weddings to capture some of those moments that you might otherwise miss. Two cameras allow us to capture both the bride’s preparations and the arrival of your guests. A third camera would capture the groom’s preparations. The final result from a multi-camera shoot is generally more enjoyable to watch. If you have any other questions please contact us directly.

Where can I find the costs for a bespoke package?

If you would like a bespoke quote for your wedding video or would like to benefit from our coordinated video and photography teams working together to capture your day, please contact us for an accurate quote tailored to your requirements.

What are the advantages of having the combination service of both photography and film?

  • Consistently high quality
  • Films and photographs that complement each other
  • All with the convenience of dealing with only one team

Can you provide our wedding video on a Blu-Ray?

We don't usually supply wedding videos on Blu-ray due to the creation costs being so high, but we can provide you with a quote. We do, however, always provide you with the final Full HD Wedding Video(s) in digital form with every package.

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